Thursday, April 5, 2012

Backing up the back up

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to handling all those electronic gadgets and tools that have become part of our daily lives, that I am not an expert. But if you are sharing that trait, just rejoice ! We ( that would be most of us the non geek kind) have become over the years pretty good at what we do with our computers, smartphones and other devices that we are getting used to have at our finger tips 24/7. The reason we somehow have benefitted is that unlike the geek world we do use these things only for what helps us in our daily lives and we are good at it because we repeat some of these tasks over and over and over again. What we lack in youth and reaction time we more than make up with a bit more time and practical thinking. We also do not compete with anyone and surely are not doing  it for bragging rights or showing off !

Technology is here to serve us and not us to serve it ! I do not jump when the phone rings or drop what I am doing at that time, that is what voice mail is for. I actually get a kick thinking that the caller is getting a bit ticked because I do not pick up. Reality check: if someone wants to find you or reach you nowaday, they will. For me I still believe that I can choose the pace of my daily life . Granted just like most folks I would never be able to put these devices through their paces as they offer more things than I would use ever. The old saying still goes" whatever you do not know can't hurt you !"

Back to my original though for this post, I am backing up all my data and pictures and backing up the back up. I know it needs to be done or else sooner or later. This is like the lottery, you cannot win unless you buy a ticket and then the odds of winning are pretty lousy. Same thing with backing up your data, the odds of a crash and total loss are there but within acceptable range and if you do not back up, well you know the rest as we all have been through it. Then there are those who say,you should park it all "in the cloud"....... for a fee of course or maybe not. I am not there yet as for now I am reluctant to share my stuff with the folks running "the cloud". The next question, is the cloud backing itself up ? It has to and where does the backing up of the back up ends or does it  ? Feel free to look for that answer and let me know !

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