Saturday, January 21, 2012

Surgery and friends,what a mix !

Ok this just cannot be about me but I have to talk about it.It is actually pretty easy to write about and I do not have to make anything up (not that I did in my previous posts) but it needs to be said. I had surgery recently and came out just fine, just something that I felt needed to be done to preserve my  quality of life for years to come. I'll spare you the details as they are not that important for this post. I was in the hospital for two and a half  days and it was my first time ever. Invasive surgery is just not a word or a description it is a fact and in most cases it really hurts, no to scare anyone but as they say : this too shall pass and it did. We as human being are just not very patient and in this highly charged and technologically important world of ours we just do expect way too much. The benefits of such an experience are huge, at least from where I stand. First there is the experience itself which if it does not kill you it will make you stronger, the knowledge you get makes you better to help yourself and others down the road later.
We all have friends and boy do they come out when one of theirs is a bit down. I am so blessed to have such a bunch of great friends, they called and checked on me, texted and rechecked and kept it up until they felt that I was actually ok.
Now, in this me first kind of world it is just absolutely great and sooooooooooo comforting to hear these voices genuinely concerned about you. It has to be one of the best therapies ever ! It was for me and then there is K who goes way out and brings you the very best chicken and vegetables soup you ever had as what ever you had before just cannot compare to how good it makes you feel at this particular moment. My take on this ? if good ( make that great chicken soup) will make a difference, then sign me up and I'll start cooking because after this experience, there is NO doubt that I have to keep this up and maybe make someone feel as good as K did me. My other friends K and B opened their home to me for my recovery and I am so very grateful to know them and very appreciative for the little attentions and basic needs along with the comforts of home without worries of any kind. Guys, this carries a price tag so huge that no money in the world (or all of it for that matter) could repay, but cooking I can and I promise you a lot of great feasts as our lives move forward. I do and always will treasure your friendship, Your are the friends that everyone wishes they had so, THANK YOU !
And then there was T who took time out of his busy business to stop by and check on me. Of course he is also a Chef and offered to feed  me the very first day. I hope I did not hurt his feelings by turning him down because there is not way I could have eaten the multi course feasts he would have brought me for every meal. In his case, nothing is too good or good enough for his friends so T , THANK YOU !

And then there are all the others who are concerned and check on you but respect your privacy and wishes .You are many, so to all of you and you know who you are THANK YOU and GOD BLESS. When my turn comes to return the same, I'LL BE THERE................... with a batch of chicken soup.