Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching up is hard to do !

Ok, first an apolology for litterally abandonning my blogging. My good friend JK lectured me on

how imporatnt it is to talk to the world out there and I agree. So I will try, make that I will blog at least twice a month as after the JK encounter I realized that I really have a lot to share on food,wine,friends,life and whatever my common sensed mind has to offer.
As I said it has been awhile and as far as the travelling part of my life is concerned it has been kind of busy for the last six months. Dec 2010 in France, Jan 2011 in Argentina/Patagonia and April in NOLA. Not bad and the memories, well you get it, just so very special. My friends always remind me that I do take life too seriously but I must translate that to, I just happen to put real value on the precious moments that we are all blessed with.

The grilled meats and the chimichuri to go with it were great, so were the wines . Thanks to our friends at the Terraza de los Andes winery in Mendoza. (more on that in a future post)
The trip home to France was one of my annual rituals and it went very well except for the weather which was really nasty and cold. Got lemons ? make lemonade. Got cold weather ? throw another log in the fireplace,grab some Armagnac and start writing,which I did but not on my blog. I did however finish writing the bylaws for one of the professional association I belong to (World Master Chefs Society)and that was tedious but I got it done.

Went to the the top of the Pyrenees and over to Spain for lunches and coffee/pick me ups in the afternoon while enjoying the white scenery and the mountains goats running in the snow looking for food. I just love the simplest things in life and they are free too. What a deal !

See the goats ?
The rest of the time was spent with family and friends and of course I did cook for everybody and everybody cooked for me. The French get the prize as they do not need a reason to get together and enjoy what they love best: food , wine and themselves. Foie gras is always a big thing and one of my favorites. Down South where I am from it is half the price we pay here, works for me.
Yes I did schlepp 80 miles to the heart of foie gras country but as you can see it was worth it !

Finally, here it's to you friends in the foodosphere, grab a glass and start a good conversation; don't have a friend nearby ? no problem, make one now, cheers !